Saturday, 28 April 2012

Owl pops/1000 views!

 A friend asked me to make her some cake pops to bring to work this week. She left the design up to me, and I know she LOVES owls, so really what was I going to make?! aha I made owls!!! These, I have to say are my favorite pops to date!! They're so cute and sparkly! They were a big hit! <3

  I've decided to give something a try here. I've made it to a thousand hits on my blog (well I'm a little behind so it's a few more than that now) - Thank you everyone!!!<3

As a thank you to all who view my blog and support my baking I would like to try a little contest. I invite you all to leave a little comment on this post, along with your name. Next Saturday I will draw a winner! The winner will receive one dozen cake pops! - Design of your choosing -they can be for an event if you like, or just any ole day cake pops.

Now, I do have to make some restrictions (unfortunately). Anyone entering their name must live in a reasonable driving distance from myself, such as the GTA- Peterborough-Bancroft, as sending pops by post might be complicated and destructive to the goods. Sorry.

Thank you again to everyone for your constant support! And good luck! <3


  1. I am so entering!!! :) <3 Will spread the word as well!

  2. So Bancroft is out....Darn

  3. Not only do they look amazing they taste just as good as they look

  4. BEEEEEE-Utiful cup cake pops !! look delish !! I may have to talk pricing with you, I didn't know you did baking to this extent!!
    Have a great Monday night, see you around!

    1. It's Phil from work here by the way...

    2. haha thanks Phil. stop by anytime for pricing :)

  5. The owls were a wise choice! ;)

    Love them and what a great idea for any day fun!

    Good luck with your side venture and I'll keep you in mind for my baking needs! I have some milestones with my girls coming up so....

    All the best,
    Ginny's Aunt Linda. :)

  6. This is the cutest freaking thing ever. I had no idea you had such taaaaalents!

    Shelly, Ginny's cousin

  7. Lovely lovely work! <3 I choose penguin pops if I win because I'm entering. :D

    Julie (Ginny's friend from school)

  8. Your cake pops are delicious. They were such a hit at the Baby Shower last weekend

    (Future Mother-in-law)