Monday, 26 November 2012

Ruffles/I broke it

 These pretty in pink mini cherry cakes were done up for a little lady for her sleep over party :) It was my first time trying out making ruffles with my butter cream. I like them, they're just what I was aiming for! Pretty, Frilly, and Pink! :)

I broke my blog....

 I switched over my blog to be linked to my google+ account aaaaaaand subsequently erased the blog photos up until now. :( So as you can see I have started the very slow process of uploading my photos to google+ and transferring them over to here. We should be back to normal in a few weeks...haha :)


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Angry birds 1 & 2

 I was about to give angry birds a second try and I was looking around my blog for reference photos of the last time and realized that I never posted the first time!!! I do apologize..these birds made it onto my facebook page AND my tumblr, but not here. EEEEeep haha


These were the first angry birds I did. I cut out all the little add-ons (eyes included) I think they turned out well.

 This is my second go at these super bright(angry) pops :) This time I still cut out the pieces needed, except to save some time I bought pre made sugar eyes. I really like them and they did save a bit of time.  The only thing is, I think the pigs still need bigger eyes...

Still .... very please with them :D

This weekend I'm at them again along with a cake (I'll try not to forget including this blog when I post ;) )

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Retirement Cake

 I guy at work asked me about a retirement cake for his mom. Right away I started searching 'retirement cakes' and there were fishing cakes, clock cakes, fancy flower cakes. Then I'm told that his mom was a corrections officer and they wanted maybe a jail themed cake. lol

I sent an email reference picture of the cake to Ginny and with her amazing skills, she designed this cake for us!!!!!! (Just take a moment a look at her work!! <3 )

Then I made the cake...


 :) Teamwork! !

I had originally picked up a texture mat to create a brick look on this cake...but it didnt work out bricks...haha but its got barbed wire!!! :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Star Wars!!

 I was going to do as I usually do and put a quote or something Star Wars-esque...but ....I dont know anything about Star Wars ahah. So I'm just going to say how proud I am of these pops! They took 7 hours to make. And when I was finished I stepped back and said 'Did I make those?!?!' :) I am really really pleased with these. :D

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rainbows! :D

                                                           Currently in my fridge there are 2 flavours of pops rolled and ready to be dipped, and two cakes waiting to be rolled into pops! I have a surplus of cake pops!!! For what you may ask? Anything!! Experimenting! Sample packs! Giveaways! Pick-me-ups! :) Treats for people I love! :) So many reasons for them!

These were a batch of vanilla pops that I had waiting for me. Decided to try rainbows that I saw on tumblr! While theyre so SO simple I love them! I love rainbows! :) Enjoy:)

 On a side note, someone very dear to my family passed away today :( Over the rainbow is where she will live on peacefully <3

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tiny Daisies

 These yellow and white, mini daisy pops were made up for an engagement party. The flavours were banana, cherry and rainbow chip. :)

On an awesome note: this is my new pop stand!!!!! I absolutely love it!! I think I may get a bigger one from my wedding (not engaged..just planning ;) )

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Happy Halloweeeeen!!! ( I know I know..late again)

 So I thought I would be right on the ball with Halloween so I posted these treats a few days early...but it was only on my Tumblr account...and then I forgot all about them and now I'm late on here with the festive pops! :) Better late than never! hah

So lets see....creepy spiders, jack-o-lanterns (a must!) witches hats, and ooey gooey cauldrons filled with bones and eyeballs and who knows what!!!?!? (I sure dont - not a witch :{ ) lol

Enjoy! :) Happy late Halloween, treaters!!!

Halloween & Christmas in the same post!!!! It's happening... ahaha :)

Now that Halloween has come and gone its time for Christmas!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! We bought our first ornament of the season today!! see below!! hehe I have so many plans for the season!! I have just about everything I need to get started!! Stay tuned for christmas pops and treats galore!

It's beginning to look a lot like .... guessed it!


Saturday, 3 November 2012

A whole year!! (Part two)

This beautiful image is brought to you by my bestie! Ginny Milling ( ) She drew this for MMB's 1st birthday!! She is so super supportive and creative and seriously the best lady I know!! Recently she's been designing cakes!! You give me your ideas, she whips something up, and then I attempt to do her amazing drawings justice!!

Once again thank you to everyone for your support and especially a huge HUGE thank you to Gin <3 You=Amazing!

Also!! Hi Baba!! <3 love ya ;)