Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hello Kitty

 Happy weekend!!!

Here is another teeny tiny cake! Hello Kitty this time for a 2nd birthday :) So cute!!

 I haven't been overly busy with cakes during the summer months. A part of me is pretty sad about it, and the rest of me is enjoying the time off. Hopefully things pick up again in the fall though :D

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Angry Birds

 Hello everyone. It's Thursday! The work week is almost over!! You're almost there!!!! A cake to celebrate!!! Well...this was a 3rd birthday celebration cake..but you get it haha. I haven't done angry birds in a little while. There were a couple orders in a row quite some time ago and I thought 'I don't want to do any more angry birds!' haha But here we are. And I found that I didn't loath those teeny tiny aggressive birds!! Hahaha. I had fun with the cake! You can really put those birds and pigs everywhere. (The piggies are my favorite!)

This is a 6" cake. They seem to be a popular size..and that is a-okay with me. I think they're so darn cute!!! :)  I have a few more waiting to be blogged and I just love them ahaha.

Happy Friday Jr!! ;)

Monday, 15 July 2013


 Ugggh Monday's make me sad haha

In order to brighten the morning, a cute little cake should do. I made this for my mum on her birthday! :)(July 4) It was just a small cake (they're were only 5 of us), and it was juuuust right :)

Over the past couple years I find myself looking for flowery cakes to make mom on her birthday! She spends so much time making her garden look perfect that flowers seem entirely appropriate! :D I wonder what kind of cake I'll do next year?!

Happy Monday everyone....

**grumble grumble ** Monday...

Friday, 12 July 2013

Cute pink & blue

 These cupcakes were for a combined brother and sister birthday party. They didn't want any crazy detailed cupcakes - just taking it back to basics :D I thought they turned out to be pretty cute for just iced cupcakes. No pizazz! ?

After the party I received an envelope from the mom of the kiddies. Inside was a thank you card, and a few photos of the little ones enjoying / wearing they're cupcakes!! It was the best thank you ever!! I love those photos!! It made me want a shop more than ever! Sooooo...

In February I'm going to hopefully start a business program online so I can figure out what I'm doing ;) and ultimately work towards opening a shop! :D

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bridal Shower Peonies

 These are my version of peonies. I did a lot of research before making these cupcakes. This girl is not about flowers ...oddly.. haha I don't have a green thumb. Not even light green! You give me flowers and I WILL kill them.
...Sad really... lol But I do have sugary hands..? I know my way around a gumpaste flower or two ;)

These flowers have very specific cutters to work with...buuuut I do not have that cutter..and didn't really have time to order one. So ..I improvised! I used my two rose petal cutters, some icing tips(to fray the edges) and my ball tool to round them out :)  I LOVE these!! LOVE THEM! I was so proud!! (this was maybe a month ago? month and half?) And I got an email from the bride who was treated to them thanking me telling me how perfect they were!! <3 (gush) :) hehe so pretty
 They took a lot of time, but as with everything I've done so far, it was WELL worth it! :) :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

100% Canadian

 Better late than never!! :) These are the treats I made for Canada Day.  Before these I tried to make s'more cake pops. I made a cake that almost entirely replaced flour with graham crackers! It was really good...sadly it was really really greasy though. I couldn't even roll it into balls!!! Had to scrap it!

Then I came across an interesting idea. Actual s'mores pops! Graham cracker's cut into shapes with cookie cutters - with marshmallow fluff on one side and melted chocolate on the other - smushed together into a sandwhich - dipped in chocolate!!! WHAT?!?  I took it one marshmallowy step further and used marshmallow flavoured chocolate! :) And I also went the festive route with these and made them Canadian theme :) They we're just for the family and they were a huge hit! :) I have to say I even had one or two! :)

Hahah at first I thought that the shapes they turned out to be were a bit sloppy but I like them! :)

100% made in Canada