Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pretty pink winter pops!

 I thought I would start the transition from Christmas to regular posts with a little winter action...Why not a little more snow? :)

Every so often I get the chance to donate baked goods to excellent causes, these pops were won in the Bicuspid Aortic Valve Foundation Charity Auction, hosted by Express Yourself Photography : , who will be photographing our wedding :D
 They were won by a lovely lady who wanted them for her little princess on her birthday :)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This is it! Last Christmas post!

   I did it! We made it to the end!! thank you for all your patience!!! It is January 28th and this will be the end of my Christmas posts! I hope you've enjoyed them!!!
 I love these pops! They were so so pretty :)

Happy baking ;)

Reindeer games

 I sometimes enjoy a really simple cake pop. Just a couple sprinkles and a flower or in this case a snow flake :) Makes for some pretty pops :)
 And sometimes I want a super cute cake pops that has character! :) They take time, and patience, and sometimes a lot of extra patience(that you may think I have, but I can assure you that's not the case haha) Worth every second! :D
 I tried to do the reindeer a couple different ways this year. I have two sizes of eyes and I wasn't sure which to go with, so I tried them both.  Hehe I think I like the huge eyes! They seem to add a sense of innocence to these cuties :) The tiny eyes look ...a little off...all wonky..haha

Ornament cake pops

 Simple, fun, colourful. :) Christmas ornaments!

I'm not sure if any of you can tell from all these Christmas posts, but I LOVE Christmas! LOVE IT! I get giddy like a little kid when it comes to that special time of year :) My tree was up in November this year and I can never sleep on Christmas Eve :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Santa pops...

 Since I'm still going on about Christmas, I figure we might as well go ALL the way Christmas! These Santa pops were my favorite pops of this year..well last year.. I wanted to include Santa without having to make a Santa head..for 2 reasons...1) it's a little creepy..Santas head on a stick..(sorry) haha and 2) This girl is not a fan of sculpting people. We are a tricky shape.

I thought these were a little whimsical :)

A bit of a funny story. These pops were made during our lovely winter black out. There was a ridiculous ice storm, where we were all stuck indoors without power...Some of you, I'm sure know what I'm talking about. Fortunately our landlords have a generator and we were able to stay warm :)
I decorated cookies by window light (Which is actually rather difficult for me because we're in a basement apartment and only have one small window) Once all the day light was gone our landlord was super gracious and turned on the lights for us with the generator and he had kept the fridge running the whole time! Clever as I am... hehe... I unplugged the fridge for a stretch and plugged in the crock pot so I could melt some chocolate!! These cake pops were my last order that needed to be done before Christmas and there was no WAY I was going to cancel because of a little power outage! haha It worked really quite well actually :)

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Stay warm and safe out there <3

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Holly Cupcakes and pops!

 I know I've been pushing it with these Christmas posts! But I just have SO much to post from the month of December, and my internet  is too slow to upload all the photos at once. Too slow to tolerate some days, that's part of the reason we're heading into to last week of January and I still am not caught up. My apologies.


Anyway, these are mini c-cakes with pretty & simple holly on them. Perfect for the holidays. :)
 I would like to move on from all these Christmas posts, so I will truly make an effort this week to get everything watermarked and uploaded for your viewing pleasure :) Then we can move on to new treats! Wedding stuff...and cookies!!

Stay tuned!
Happy Sunday and thanks for continuing to read :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chocolate covered shortbreads

 I am not really a fan of shortbread cookies. I don't like the feeling of cornstarch (AT ALL) and therefore, shortbread cookies aren't on my list of favorites! However, dip those bad boys in chocolate, and I'll eat every last one!!

They were SO YUMMY!!! And so spice it up a little bit, I used some different flavours I had laying around. :) The dark chocolate are cherry cordial flavour, the red are raspberry, the beige ones are eggnog flavoured chocolate, and the white chocolate and milk chocolate are just that. :)

 My favorite was the vanilla dipped ones, they were nice and sweet. The chocolate totally transforms the texture of the cookies. I have some ideas for non Christmas shapes... coming soon ;)

One last Christmas cookie post

 These cookies were for a fantastic lady, and a great family friend. Her and her family were headed to Vegas for Christmas and she wanted a Christmas tree. So she got a mini tree for their hotel and she requested that her cookies have holes in them so she could use them as decorations on the tree :) So cute!!

Christmas cookies II

 This is almost the last of the cookies.  Just a variety of shapes and designs for your viewing pleasure. I haven't really been busy since Christmas...I sort of miss the chaos! My white board was full every day, I thought I wouldn't never get through it all :)

It's funny, when I look at some of these photos I think about how I started to hate some of these shapes. The Christmas decorations, and the mittens for example, I always decorated them last because I was just didn't like them anymore. Hahah Now Christmas is over, on to new shapes!! I love cookies!