Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tiered cake pops

 I've really wanted to make these cake pops for some time, and I finally got the chance!!! They were for a 75th birthday! :)

They didn't turn out quite how I would have  liked..but  they're not bad.. I still think they're really cute  :)

I also put them on a tiered stand to finish them off!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Shining Stars!

 I was trying to make silver christmas stars here, but the gray I made was a little darker than I would have liked.. I was told they look a little spacey..


Darn! :) haha

Holly Cakes

 I am just about certain.. there are only a couple festive treats left in my pictures folder.. hah we'll see..

I made 4 dozen of these gingerbread cupcakes for work on the last day before holidays! I wasnt sure what I was going to do for decorating these ( I was kind of tired that day) And I found these holly's in my sprinkle cupboard and...they worked beautifully! :) I also really like the red, green, and white sprinkles around the edges. Quick and easy but sweet :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mittens for all the snow today!

 Brrr its a snowy one out there...get your hats and mitts out! :) ( hats here...hahaha)

Merry Christmas pops!

 This is what happens when your behind on your posts...3-4 catch up posts a day..haha

I made these on Christmas eve for a Bancroft order. I am so very happy with the way they turned out!! :D

Haha when I look a little bit it kind of tells  a story ...first the snow comes,  the elves are finishing up the toys for the kiddies, Mrs Clause decorates and gets the reindeer ready for Christmas eve, and finally after all the preparations, Santa delivers gifts to all the good girls and boys. :)

I hope Santa was good to all of you this year <3

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pretty christmas tree pops

 I like these christmas trees, I do think that they were a little too big. They werent for anything in particular...I just wanted to trial my new egg nog flavoured chocolate melts with the eggnog cake I made :)

Bright and shiny for this beautiful season! :)

Merry Christmas to me/I have the greatest friend!

Ginny was offering Christmas cards with personalized sketches on them for her fans who requested them...Obviously I HAD to have one!!!! And look at it!!! Shes so incredible!! I cant wait until the day I can repay her for her ridiculous talent and help with MMB <3 Merry Christmas to me, and Merry Christmas to me all time favorite gal GINNY! Thanks you lovely lady! Love ya! <3


Mom has been asking me, and asking me for an MMB apron. So I asked my super talented artistic bestie to make a personalized MMB apron for her <3 because I love her!

Gin drew up a lovely picture for mom and finished it off with 'Official MMB mom'! PERFECT (she cried - it sounds weird..but every year at Christmas I make her cry...haha its a family tradition{they got me good last year!})

Merry Christmas Mumsy <3 Love ya

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas II !!

 I made these the other day and I just LOVE them!! :) An assortment of Christmas cakes for a lady I go to school with <3 She said ' They're so elaborate!! ' with a giant smile...I believe she likes them too :)
 This is my attempt at a pointsettia...I kinda like it. Turned out better than I expected :) (Always what you want)

Again...Merry Christmas!!!! ...There will be more to come today! :D

Merry Christmas I

 Merry Christmas everyone!! :D Here are just some simple christmas treats to start the day off right ;)

Snowflakes and then a little more snowflakes :) For those who dont have any snow... I made you some!!

Have a joyous day <3

Sunday, 23 December 2012


 Sooo...I must apologize to all who read my blog...I've kept my facebook page very up to date but have been slacking on the blog side of things... :)  I posted these pops WAY back when I made them....(October) I'm so far behind on my posts...I'll try to get caught up ! :D

These pops were fun to do! I thought they would be more difficult than they were!

Very pleased :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Cast pops

 My cousin Deb broke her leg and I wanted to cheer her up from afar! (She lives in Calgary) Soooooo I made her some get well cast shaped cake pops and mailed them her way :)

While I was painting them I remembered that I had wanted to paint on some 'cast like' textures...but it was a little late for that... ahaha I think they turned out okay..They did the trick though! Cheered that young lady up! (Also I snuck a few gingerbread man pops in the box too!) hehe

(It's a little late now [I did make sure I sent them on time though] but ...) **Speedy recovery dear <3**

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Arc Reactors!

  I had Gin draw me up a version of the arc reactor from iron man. Something I could work with because the photos I googled were so very detailed! I needed something a little simpler than the movie images :) So Gin whipped me up a nice arc reactor image and I brought it to life with sugar :)

Myself and the birthday girl really liked these cakes :)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Baby shower

 I've been sick this past week so I havent done anything. I honestly did NOTHING :( Fortunately I seem to have an endless supply of back logged photos to share.

These we're for a baby shower. I'm sure I dont have to tell you its a girl! :) I had fun with these and was able to use my new impression mat :)

So cute! :)