Monday, 25 November 2013

Pretty yellow pops

 Sometimes the prettiest pops are the simple ones :)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The show!!!

 As some of you may know, I participated in my first ever bridal show this year!!! Back in September (Yikes! I know!) I was asked if I would like to have a table in the Sass bridal event on September 8th. Uh..YES!!!!

It was fairly short notice so i got right to work!!!! I made 500 of these mini cake pops to give away as samples to all the brides. The pink were chocolate raspberry, turquoise: butter pecan, yellow : vanilla, and purple was chocolate. :) They were a huge hit at the show!!

 To fill my table I made three dummy cakes. For those who don't know, they are styrofoam cakes decorated to look like real ones :) The order of the photos is A) the order they were made, and B) my least to most favorite.

First up, is just a plain cake with black ribbons...I think before I do the next show (In February!!!!) I'm going to change the ribbon to make it a little thicker.

 Second is this pretty little thing! Just in time for the show one of my online orders came in!! A pearl mould in 3 sizes!!! I was so so excited for its arrival I wasted no time getting started making pretty pink pearls! :) and carnations!(I ordered a few things on line that week haha)
 And third, my most favorite!!!! It's so pretty. I could NOT for the life of my think of what to do for a third cake. I tried to make a super tall silver looked rather spacey and it had to be destroyed... haha that was fun. It was 2 nights before the big day and I still had zero thoughts, and a very white styrofoam dummy looking me in the face. My wonderful fiance, being the wise man he is started throwing ideas my way and googling cakes for me. This is the beautiful flower we found!!! I had never made it before, and had no cutters, no stemens...but I pulled it off! And just in time! :) I am so proud of this little cake! I can't wait to have it on display again!
 Then the day arrived!!! This was my table!(Me on the right and Ginny[my best friend and huge supporter of MMB on the left]) This shot was just before the show...waiting for the crowds. And they did come! We were busy all day! Fortunately we didn't run out of anything! Except business cards!!!! All gone!!! It was a huge success! I cannot wait until February for the next one!
I have so many new ideas and plans for the next show!!! :D

Man cake

 Wow. Hi everyone! I am a slacker when it comes to posting! Yeesh!  I'm off today and tomorrow, from work, and from MMB work, so that means I have a bit of time to do some updating!! :) Here goes!         

This cake...was..detailed! (As you can see)

The Brock Badgers are the Brock University sports teams! This cake was for a lad on the wrestling team on his 21st birthday :)

Hahah I called it a man cake because unlike the cakes I usually do this one screams that it is  NOT for a girl! (It's a wee bit scary actually lol)

 This cake was very detail oriented, right down to the custom hand cut lettering that I did!!