Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or...nope...just TREATS!

This year is the first year that I've done spooky Halloween cookies! AND IM SO GLAD I DID!!! I hope next year I get a few more orders! They were so much fun to decorate! AND I used my airbrush for the first time on cookies! ...I love love love them!  They're so bright and colourful! :) I hope everyone stays safe tonight and has fun! :)

 I have never really been into Halloween much... I'm more of a Christmas gal.. :D But of course there is a part in everyone that just loves to dress up! Am I right?! Just play pretend, like when we were young. This year I find myself at a weird spot in my life, where, I want to get dressed up and do Halloween things. I want to hand out candy, and I want to celebrate with friends...but more than either of those, I want to have a kiddie of my own...a little one to dress up and show off to the world. As I scroll through my social media pages I see all these super sweet kiddies dressed up as animals or their favourite characters, and they just look so sweet and so innocent! It's a new feeling I've had for a couple weeks...I just...want to be a mom...

One day...
              ...But for now...
 Cinderella says Happy Halloween everyone! Keep it safe!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


In keeping with our current wedding theme, I'm going to wrap up these posts with some wedding favours. Little 'thank-you's' for your guests to enjoy...they can be anything you like! Edible treats including, cookies, cake pops and chocolates, and of course they can be something your guest can keep; wine stoppers, bottle openers, photo frames...etc. Obviously, my favourite are the sweet ones! Here are a few that I've done:
 Currently I am in LOVE with decorating cookies!(It's getting so close to Christmas cookie season- I am just beside myself with excitement!!!)

 Cake pops are a great option for weddings too! My favourite part about wedding favours(any wedding favours) is that they can be anything you want! They can be little dainty items, decorated with lace and beads, or they can be themed! A treat that is specific to you! For example, these golden snitch cake pops were for my friends wedding, Victorian Steam Punk theme - BUT they happen to be huge Harry Potter fans!!(as am I) So they had golden snitch cake pops on their sweets table! 

In February we will be at the Sass Bridal Event in Oshawa with our pink table and plenty of  SAMPLES!!! More information as we get closer to the date.

Monday, 27 October 2014

A very special day...

It has taken a monstrous amount of restraint to not post every single photo I have...but here are some snap shots from our very special, very perfect wedding day! :D  Our photographer was Melanie Leutz Photography..And I am overwhelmingly happy with her and her work! She was AMAZING!
I cannot thank her enough!!!! The day started out (for me) at my moms house..getting ready with my lovely 
ladies and my entire family. For the first time in 30 odd years my entire family, on my moms side was all
together :D It was emotional. It was fun. It was family. :) We then headed over to Mill Run Golf Course for the
main event! 

This is our first ever family photo!! :D The tiny white dog up front is Molly (named by previous owner ...the 
jokes never tire) She is an extremely shy little girl! Anytime anyone so much as points a camera her way she 
hides, but for some reason while we were taking our family shots she came right in there, without being
called, and she sat looking right at the camera! Definitely a part of the family!

We wanted the ceremony to be catered to us, so we surprised everyone by having our officiant announce us
as 'Batman and wife' ! Then we stood there giggling for a couple seconds before our very first kiss as a
married couple!! :)
I am thrilled to call this group of people my new family! They are the most generous and kind individuals
I have ever encountered, and I could not have asked for a better family to call my in-laws. <3

And finally... made by yours truly..the sweets! I love the final products and am so happy to be finally sharing
these photos with you!! Our wedding favours were short bread cookies that spell love, with a single
chocolate dipped cookie in each pack.

 For the cake I chose to go with a naked cake for 2 reasons, 1) it was nice and easy for a stressed bride 
to pull off! haha and 2) I am in LOVE with naked cakes!  They are so pretty!! It turned out exactly the way 
I had pictured my wedding cake. I love it! 
 After all was said and done, it was a beautiful day! I am so happy with how everything turned out, I am so 
happy to be married to my best friend and I am happy that it is done!  WE DID IT!!
Mrs. Musclow... <3

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wedding season...Part 2

As promised! I am home from our girls weekend in Niagara Falls, exhausted, and ready to post some wedding cakes for your viewing pleasure :) Wedding cakes are very stressful... they need to be perfection! I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for the wonderful world of weddings, but when I was asked... I dove right in. And I'm glad I did!!! While stress levels run high, the end result is well worth the late nights and the stress of delivery!! Watching a wedding cake come together perfectly on any big day is just the bees knees! Next year I have 3 weddings booked, and 2 possibles so far! I will also be present at the Sass Bridal Event in February! (I missed the last show because it was 2 weeks before my wedding, and I realized at the very last minute that that was a very VERY bad idea! So I cancelled my table... :( BUT I signed on for the next show! I can't wait to share my new ideas with the future brides at the event!)

So here are the other wedding cakes I did this year....The first one was for the very sweet wedding of friends of ours. They had a small affair with a Victorian steam punk theme! It was very much their wedding. :) I am so happy that they came to me for their special cake request. They asked for a brushed steal look, with robot owls and red butterflies. So this is what I made! I was so excited while setting this cake, knowing they were going to love it! And I think the photo of them speaks for itself! A big congratulations to my friends, Dan & Amber! It was a wonderful day for everyone who was present!  These cake photos are from Josh Mahoney Photography

 The second cake is a simple, yet lovely, cake with real flowers on top. I loved this cake, and at the time thought I might do the same for my own cake - their wedding was very similar to ours...the same(ish) pink theme, the same decorating style, the exact same harpist!! It was so beautiful!  Sadly, I haven't had opportunity to see any photographer these are the photos I took :)

I hope you have all had great weekends! It's always sad when they come to a close on Sunday evenings. This week I have a few orders to keep me busy, including some spooky Halloween cookies...I'll keep you posted ;) 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wedding season...Part 1

Wedding season, for me, has ended for the year! If you recall, the summer before last I did my first wedding. It was a very simple 1 tier cake and cupcakes. This summer I was able to do 4.5 weddings!! (The .5 wedding, I made the wedding favours) I am very excited to share these wedding cakes with all of you. The best part, in my opinion, are the professional photographers that ALWAYS attend such events! I have had the pleasure of seeing my work through the lenses of a professional camera! It makes me melt inside! I currently snap photos of my work with my iPhone.... while the photos aren't horrible...I am somewhat limited. Anyway... on to sharing! Here are a couple of the wedding cakes from this summer...

The first cake is a small 'cut cake' only. It was for my besties cousin on her big day. Her venue provided a cake, but she also wanted a little cake from me, for photos. The photo on the left is from Hilary Spencer Creative Photography. 

 The second cake is one of my favourites from the summer (I'm slightly biased, but my favourite cake happens to be the one I made for my own wedding... hehe) It was a very simple cake, with gold chevrons and real flowers. These photos are from Marianne Rothbauer Photography.

There are more wedding photos to come!! So stay tuned!

Today is the last day of my work week!! Myself and my girlfriends are heading to Niagra Falls this evening for our annual birthday celebration weekend!  So I will post more wedding photos Sunday night when I get home!  Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blogging and things...

Good morning! It's been a little while since I've visited this little blog of mine.. This year has been a whirl wind! Seriously..I cannot believe we're heading into November soon! Where on earth has the time gone?  Yesterday I watched the movie 'Julie & Julia', not for the first time, and it reminded me why I started doing this whole blog. I wanted to be like her! About 4, almost 5, years ago I was in desperate need of something to do, a hobby of sorts..this girl was bored! After watching Julie & Julia, the first time, I was completely in love with the idea of being a blogger! But what on earth could I blog about?!? I had started bringing baked goods to work for co-workers to enjoy, and it was about that time that I was approached for a cake order! My very first paid cake order.  MMB blog was born... Since then I have been constantly challenged by different wants and needs, and I feel like I am always able to rise to the challenge. I am so proud of myself. Having never taken a baking/decorating class in my life, I set sail on an incredible journey, where I ended up finding my one true passion!

So let me tell you about this year past! As you know, I was engaged last February, to my absolute best friend! The only person who truly understands me and is incredibly patient with me..(Aside from my best gal pal! - She too knows me very very well! haha)
 Wedding planning was...interesting... We set a budget and we really worked hard to stay within it. Not exactly the easiest task, but 100% manageable! I am happy to sit here and tell you that we did it! We stayed within our budget, maybe $100-$200 over, the whole ordeal took place in September and it was a beautiful day! I could not have asked for better Saturday ;) (Photos to come - once I receive them...I imagine in my next post! They're in the mail!) Due to the enormous task of planning a wedding, I took a few months off from baking to make sure I was as relaxed as a bride could be (truth be told, I was still stressed! ) but I'm glad I took the time! Sometimes you need a break. And I believed I've learned from that, and will not always push myself to the very edge of sanity with orders! :) This being said, I am back! I am in full swing taking orders again! And so excited to be getting right back into it!

 With the changing seasons and the holidays approaching (and already past)  I thought I would post a little something that comes with the changing leaves....PUMPKINS! These were pumpkin spiced roll out cookies that of course needed to be decorated like pumpkins!  They were the treats I made this year for Thanksgiving! Of course its not pumpkin pie, but still delish!! And super adorable!