Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to IT

Even though IT was swamped with christmas  goodies I wanted to give them a little fatten 'em up for the holidays ;)

Mini chocolate fudge C-cakes with festive red icing and snowflakes to top them off :)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Tradition..

 Every year since I can remember mom and I make Christmas cookies together <3
Mom makes the dough, rolls it, and cuts out the shapes and I am the decorator! :)
We get together before Christmas, get out the eggnog and rum and go to town making batch after batch of cookies.

<--- Dorks <3
 Candy canes! Every year I try to do something a little different with each shape.

 Little girls and little boys. I like to dress up these little children in their Christmas best <3 Little dresses for the girls and overalls for the boys!

 I was gonna try doing hair, but it made them look creepy!

 Such happy little children are they :) ...waiting to be eaten <3

 Christmas trees with stars on top <3

I usually dont give these fine gentlemen mouths, but this year I decided to get a little more creative and gave them mouths made out of coal :)

AND snowflakes. I made each one different from the last! After all no two snowflakes are alike! :)

Typically, I only help with the sugar cookies. Mom goes ahead afterward and makes short breads, ginger snaps, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and gingerbreads! I <3 her cookies!!

Nothing says Christmas like a warm kitchen full of cookies!

A perfect mother/daughter day <3

Baptism Cake/Fist Cake

 I was asked if I do cakes. I have never done a cake prior to this endevour, and I thought to myself, YES! I can SO do a cake! So I set to work. I drew out a design, did some research for pricing, for laying fondant, and for making flowers. 
I was asked to do just a simple, straight forward cake for the event. Vanilla cake, with white icing, white fondant and white flowers. I chose to add some pink dust to the flowers and pink writing to set the white off.

This was the end result...

My kitchen was a right off and I was totally covered in sugar and icing and it was SO worth it! I am very proud of myself for getting it done. I think it turned out rather well, and the lady who requested it seemed to love it!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fascinator Party!

 A lady at work was attending a fascinator party (for those who don't know they are the small fancy hats the the royals where, very fancy)-I didn't know either.. lol

 These are the designs I came up with for the cupcakes.
I used licorice all sorts and a small amount of black licorice string to make the centers, and I made each feather out of fondant dusted with gold lustre dust. Each one is perched on a white chocolate disk to make them resemble the tiny fancy hats that fancy people wear :)

 I'm very pleased with how these turned out! I think they're just so pretty! :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Purse Party!

 I was asked to do c-cakes for a purse party! This is what I came up with!! <3

They are fondant and gumpaste hand modeled into tiny handbags dusted with luster dust! and decorated to resemble fancy purses!
Perched on top of vanilla c-cakes with buttercream.

Cutesy purse party c-cakes!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Strawberry cakes for keri

 I was invited to go wedding dress shopping with my future sister in-law (hehe) and I wanted to make something special for the occasion. I thought strawberry cupcakes would be a nice treat for a group of girls <3 (and its outside my usual vanilla and chocolate)

As a first time go, I mixed in some nesquik strawberry syrup to make these cakes berry flavoured. While they DID taste like strawberry i thought it was a little faint and the syrup made the mix quite watery. Next time I will use strawberries in the cake mix.

The icing is butter cream with strawberry puree mixed into it :) Yuuum!

I also  got myself a heart mold for making decorations. I first made pink chocolate hearts (I actually had Justin make them ) but we used the chocolate candy melts/chocolate disks from bulk barn. I don't know if you've had the..pleasure of tasting said chocolate? but it does NOT taste like any good kind of chocolate, so i scrapped those ones! and decided to use some white lindor chocolate instead. MUCH BETTER!!!

Light fluffy strawberry cupcakes for a bride and her entourage!