Sunday, 26 February 2012

Double Birthday

 Two weekends ago we celebrated the birthdays of Justin's grandma and his sister-in-law. As usual I wanted to bring some baked goods, but I was unsure how many people would be around for the weekend so I made a fair amount. ahah.

I  bought this raspberry flavour oil to experiment with, and I think it went well. I put some of the oil along with some raspberry jam in the icing (YUM) and I put some oil along with some red food colour into the centers of some of the cupcakes. :) for a surprise in the middle!


 OH! and I also made cake pops for the occasion. Cake pops are slowly becoming my life. So I thought I'd get in some practice :)

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Happy pops!

I wanted to make some treats for work, and I had some smiley face inspiration while I was reading other blogs :)
This one is my favorite!(He has a nose!!! hehe)

Brought them to work on a Friday for some end of the week cheer. As they disappeared nobody wanted the saddest one :)

I had to take a photo of only the lonely before it was his turn to go.

Happy weekends

Red Velvet Trial 1

 Ok so.. I have a confession. ...I've never really tried red velvet cake.. sigh. I mean, I did have a slice of red velvet cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, but that's mostly cheesecake so I can't count it.

Now. I've been asked to make red velvet cupcakes for March, so I better get crackin with some trial and error.
I found this recipe, I think on, and tried it out.
 Looks nice and red. Promising. (Again, I've never had it sooo...not really sure what to expect.)

Here they are!! naked and then frosted with cream cheese icing :) they looked so pretty...not sure that the red part really came through as much as it should have though.

Over all I found them dry and they didn't really taste like anything..
I've found a new recipe now, and am getting ready to try it out again.
To be continued....

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentines day c/o Brenda

 Sooo...sadly, I missed the mark on Valentines day! :(

Fortunately my friend Brenda baked special chocolate treats for the occasion and had her valentine bring me one <3

They're so cute an delicious I wanted to share it with everyone ;)

Is that a swedish berry? Yup! So yummy!
Thanks Brenda!!! <3 Hope you had a good one :)

Sample pops 3!!!

Here they are! My third set of samples! :) I've definitely found the easiest way for me to make these and I'm finding that my confidence in my skills is growing, allowing me to finally get more creative with them.  I wanted to dress them up!

I keep researching what others have done with cake pops and I want to push myself to make them more detailed.

Haha I was told that they look like something from Dr. Seuss! :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sample pops 2!!

Naked Pops!! cold

 These are the second round of samples! White chocolate!! I got a little more creative with these ones! Pink swirls!! :) So pretty. I'm very happy with how they turned out, and am ready to get more creative with them :)

I was off the day they were delivered so I had my lovely assistant deliver them for me :) When they arrived at their destination they did not last long!
This pretty set of pops didn't even make it to the original customers!!! Everybody in the department loved them, and took a card!
I am very excited at the outcome and can't wait to see what it brings!!! :)

Ahah! As a result I am making a few more samples to send to the ladies who requested them :) (see samples 3!)

All packaged and tied with a bow ready to go. ;)

Sample pops!

 I made cake pops a while back, they were a LOT of work, and it was MESSY! But I had tried to do so much all at once, and I panicked. The outcome however was fantastic! At work, people from different departments all got a  taste, and word started to spread. One lady has asked me to provide samples so she can share with her friends.

I ended up making a dozen dark chocolate pops for her with rainbow sprinkles. (personally I think that the dark chocolate proved to be to rich for these little guys)Also the rainbow colours don't show through well on the dark chocolate. While her and her friends enjoyed them, I think they too thought they were a little rich, so they put in a request for white chocolate pops next time. (one post at a time!) :)

 I love cake pops! They're fun to make and make suuuuper cute treats! :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baby shower Brownie cake

I was asked  to make a cake for a baby shower, the catch was that they don't like cake. So I was asked to make a brownie..a very big brownie :)  With a chocolate brownie frosting, and blue butter cream. :)

Banana Cookies!!!!!!!!!!

 I wanted cookies, and I wanted banana bread...And I really needed to use the bananas I had in the fridge!
So here are banana cake cookies. I used a recipe I found on; the lady who posted this amazing recipe wrote that she had won a prize for it! So of course I wanted to try them out!

I did change one thing however...I added a little cream cheese to the icing.


I was told they were like muffin tops...doesnt everyone love muffin tops!!! I do! and cream cheese icing! They were a huge hit! ;)