Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Winter is coming...

 UGH! I am not a cold weather person!!! Being born and raised in Canada it doesn't really make sense! Right?! I should love the snow! The cold! Baah, it's horrible! The only thing that gets me through the winter season is the fact that Christmas is in the middle! I <3 Christmas!!

I realize that I've completely skipped over Halloween this year. There..isn't very much to say about it...I just missed sorry Halloween fans.  (I.. started a little Christmas baking today - for an order- but Christmas baking on October 30 I LOVE IT!)

Anyway, to get ready for the change in are some curling rock cake pops I made. (In August- sorry for the crazy delay) I've personally never played the sport (it's probably cold..) but I've watched a couple of games from the heated stands. It's...I..well I don't get it. But theses were for a birthday boy who plays! And he loved them! :)
 Haha, kinda fun eh? ;)

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  1. Could you possibly tell me how you made these? My sister wants something like this for her grad party as she is a big curler. What did you use to get the gray part for the rock and what did you use for the handles? Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to pass on!