Monday, 30 January 2012

PB frosted!

 So pretty all in a row.

I was watching the food network(which I LOVE by the way) and in 'Eat Street' they had a couple on that owned a bakery truck! First, I'd just like to say I would love to have a bakery truck! or just a bakery! BUT that'll have to wait a while. Start small :)
Anyway they are trying to be extra creative with they're C-cakes. Trying different flavours, mixing flavours, filling the C-cakes. It was inspiring  to say the least!

I made some vanilla cupcakes and some chocolate cupcakes! On top is food network inspired peanut butter frosting! and i shaved a little bit of chocolate for the top!

 The chocolate ones were so yummy! Obviously chocolate and peanut butter go together! They have for years! I didnt really fancy the vanilla with the peanut butter just didnt feel right.

Happy C-Cakes!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mini Cheesecakes!

Felt like cheesecake.

Made cheesecake.

Oreo cookies on the bottom.

Oreo cookie frosting in the mixture.

Oreo crumbs on top.


Packaged a few up for a small department at work :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

American Idiot!

 Dad took me to see American Idiot! For the occasion I wanted to make special C-cakes for us. So obviously went with the american idiot logo seen <---here

I made Jumbo C-cakes (with my new jumbo c-cake pan) and then made a fondant decoration :)

I like how the first one turned out, not so much the second one; I was pressed for time, but all in all they're not bad :)

I attempted for the first time ever to make a dark chocolate ganache. It did not turn out! aha it was weird and really rich AND runny!... I'll get it next time.

 It appears that I didn't feel like taking pictures of the actual cupcakes themselves for this one. I have pictures of the naked C-cakes but they're really just naked c-cakes so i haven't included said shots in this post. At the end of the day I only dressed one of them and gave it to dad. He loved it :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lions Club Cakes

 I was asked to make some cupcakes for a lions club for a lady at work. She originally wanted the lions heads too!! but I had to tell her no on that one. That would be INSANE!
So I did some research and then made myself a cardboard cutout L the same as in the logo and went to town.
I really like these ones, I like the way they turned out :)

Euchre Cakes

I had just gotten rid of my home made pop can cutters(they were getting pretty beat up) when I was asked to make a dozen euchre themed c-cakes. So I decided to get some real ones. I ordered a small set with something like 16 different small cutters in it. When it arrived...lets say... I was a little surprised! They were MUCH smalled than I thought! Super cute, but ...what am I suppose to do with these?!?! ahah
I was getting a little tired of doing just the plain suits, so I thought that cards would be a fun idea. (next time, I think I'm going to go into some detail with the cards... do a little painting on them :) )

So anyway these are my chocolate Euchre cakes.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Last christmas post...I promise

 Its pretty Christmasy.. hhah.
This was my last order before my Christmas break. One dozen cupcakes with gifts on them :)

These ones I'm not very fond of, i think in part its because of the red dust i sprinkled on the top. Not really a fan.. ah well.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Practice Cake

As you all know I made my first fondant covered cake just before Christmas. Now, before actually attempting to make the real deal I needed a bit of practice.
Here is my first ever attempt to doll up a cake with fondant.

heh! tiny gingerbread men!


Friday, 6 January 2012

Gingerbread house competition @ MSH

box contents


Every year at the hospital there is a gingerbread house competition for the christmas party. Guess who decided to join in? :)
The rule is: you must use everything that comes in the box. You can add extras, but everything has to be used on the house that comes with the house.

 Lets get to work.
I went with the theme of hospital expansion. So I made a construction zone, I made some extra pieces, and i tried to replicate the front of the hospital with candy :)

 This is my house :)
I used all the necessary components and added some things :)
I'm really proud of how this turned out, Ive never made a Gbread house before and I like what happened :)

I used: Oreos, hersheys gold bricks, blue lego candy, blue jelly belly, white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate disks(white, red, and milk), homemade gingerbread pieces, peppermint snowballs, rock candy swizzle sticks and a little fondant.
I really thought that my house was good..and then i got to work and saw the rest of the houses!!
There is a lot of talent going on at MSH! :)
Sadly, I didnt place.. but I did have a lot of fun with it. Not sure if ill do it next year. I spent a good 10 hours working on this piece...and nobody really eats a Gbread feels like such a waste of stuff doesnt it?

Christmas chip cookies

 Mmmm cookie dough!!!

I had a demand for cookies at moms house :) So I made christmas chip cookies with white chocolate red chocolate and green chocolate!

Mmmmm baking :)
 Done and ready to be boxed up. I made up a box for my family hand a box for justins family(that im pretty sure I ate most of.. lol)

Cookie Tree

 Ok, I know that its getting close to a point where I shouldnt be putting up Christmas posts, but i have a few more!

We were having a pot luck lunch at work just before christmas and obviously I was going to bring baked goods :) I made a cookie tree :D

 I called up my mum and got her sugar cookie recipe from her (i love it) and went to work.  I originally did NOT measure correctly the amount of butter needed and had really sticky cookie dough that I knew was all wrong. So..called her back, just as I realized the problem, we had a good laugh, and i went back to work..

I had ordered a set of star cookie cutters specifically for a cookie tree from avon !! and it worked out great! The base star.. as seen left.. was really big and pretty hard to get off the pan without breaking...i broke it in three spots actually ahah.
After that, i made  two of each piece  and started piling them on :)

Cookie tree :) (looks a bit crooked :) )
I made two that night. One for work and one for our landlords. :)