Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Winter is coming...

 UGH! I am not a cold weather person!!! Being born and raised in Canada it doesn't really make sense! Right?! I should love the snow! The cold! Baah, it's horrible! The only thing that gets me through the winter season is the fact that Christmas is in the middle! I <3 Christmas!!

I realize that I've completely skipped over Halloween this year. There..isn't very much to say about it...I just missed sorry Halloween fans.  (I.. started a little Christmas baking today - for an order- but Christmas baking on October 30 I LOVE IT!)

Anyway, to get ready for the change in are some curling rock cake pops I made. (In August- sorry for the crazy delay) I've personally never played the sport (it's probably cold..) but I've watched a couple of games from the heated stands. It's...I..well I don't get it. But theses were for a birthday boy who plays! And he loved them! :)
 Haha, kinda fun eh? ;)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Party Animals

 I love a challenge! LOVE. So when Justins cousin asked if I could make farm animal cake pops....I said of course!! :) and I did it!! :D

They were so fun to make. Fun to watch them come alive! :D And then...we took them camping! haha

 This is the birthday girl Carolyn with her favorite treats!! She was so disappointed when I told her they were for another birthday and that I had delivered them the previous night! Hahah just kidding!!
 These were cake pops in the wild. They were packed into a box and placed in the cooler in the boat we brought with us camping. ...through and extremely back way bumpy forest road! Only one of them didn't make it! Yay

And for funsies we took these photos of them post first bites....the pig sort of looks like a zombie pig..with brains coming out. Haha love it.

Happy Sunday Funday!

Dirty Piggies!!

 Hahah naked piggies takin a dip! :)

I love this cake and it was a huge success! :) Pigs in the mud!
 Oink oink!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy Monday...oh wait

 I had Monday off this week so this feels like Monday to me! Why are they so hard?! haha Anyway I do like to try to kick off my work week with a quick morning post before headin to the here is a cake I made a while back for the sweetest little boy!! He was so excited when he saw it!!! :)

This is the second sort of vehicle cake that I've done, and I like to think that I've learned a lot since the last one. Which was the dump truck cake from last Christmas. (Which...I was not 100% happy with) I love this truck!!! I made sure the cake was raised off the board so the wheels could fit in there, and I have a new found attention to detail.
 Since I am a self taught cake decorator it's been somewhat of a slow process. There are certain structural elements that I didn't understand when I started. After a few near disaster cakes I've realized that cake cannot and will not support itself..haha

I have so many new things that I'm working on these days!! I cannot wait to share them with you!!

If today is your Monday, or your Tuesday..have a great day!!