Saturday, 29 June 2013

South Park Cake

I made this cake for a combined birthday party! Haha  I really like this cake! It was fun and bright! AND it didn't take as long as they usually take!

 Originally she wanted the cake to be 3D but I'm pretty glad we went the other way with this on. I love the way the character all came out! :)

At the party they decided to kill kenny! GAH why didn't I think of that!!!? They loved it though and I'm always glad when I get photos sent my way :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Victoria's Secret

 These pops were for a surprise party for a girl who LOVES Victoria's Secret! Shops at that store more than any other!
So I tried to make pops that reflect the bra & panty colours that are hot right now. I also wanted to mimic the VS pink bags. For the most part I like the way they turned out, I maybe would do the bags differently next time. But..that's next time :)
 Kinda cute, huh?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Princess pops!

 Oh it's Monday again...lets start the week off right with a little something sweet :)

Cake pops for a tiny princess on her birthday. I love these pops! Love them! I had a lot of fun with the crowns (Any chance to use my airbrush is a great day, <and a messy one>) And of course, if you are unaware, I love pink! :)

I seem to be having a lot of trouble with cracked cake pops again! I went quite a while where it wasn't really an issue, but looks like I've gone back that way! I chill the pops, then let them warm up a bit before I dip them, I make sure the chocolate isn't too hot! I think the problem may be popping them into the freezer as soon as they're wrapped up may be part of it. Because they're fine for photos, but in the morning when I need them for delivery they've all got cracks..and I mean ALL of them! :( So to anyone of late who has received pops that are cracked I do apologize, and I want you to know just how frustrating it is to me!!! And I am working on figuring out the problem.

Anyway, Happy Monday.. :)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Six hundred and fiftieth birthday cake!!

 Now that is a birthday worth celebrating!! :)

This cake was for a double surprise party for my mother in law and my brother in laws father in law... thats a lot of in laws! :)  One turned 65 this year and the other turned 50! :) It was a great night!

                              One side for him and one side for her!

Aaaaaaand with all of those happy birthday candles we may or may not have almost had a birthday cake fire... :) it was smoking and the fondant was bubbling...It was a sad day for me haha

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Princess Castle

 Well..I think I've kept this from you long enough!! (I wasn't intentionally keeping it from you..I just fall behind on my posts :) ) This is the princess castle cake I made and delivered the day I was leaving for Mexico!!! (because I'm a crazy person -aaaand clearly don't enjoy relaxing...haha)

Anyway I was so out of sorts before I started and so nervous that my incredible fiance had to tell me to just get out of my head and get to work!! And I did. And I love it!!

This cake is for twin girls who turned 3 and had a princess themed party! (how cute ?!)  I can't wait to have a little girl/(s) so I can have princess parties...I mean..I suppose nothing is stopping me now...but I would feel less silly in the midst of tiny princesses at a party...haha I am however a princess one day a year NO-MATTER-WHAT!!  No matter how old you are it is a wonderful thing to feel special on your birthday :)

This is the second cake I've done with toys on it and it was a HUGE success! And why not? Cake and toys!!! Brilliant! AND it took some pressure of the cake decorator! ;)

Happy birthday to all princesses everyday!! :)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Pretty pink pops

 I love these pretty pops!

At first I wasn't sure where I was headed with these, except they were going to be pink. And pretty :)

 I think maybe I should stop posting on Monday mornings, as I don't really have all that much to say. I'm sitting here drinking my coffee waiting for my brain to start working. Blogging is the last thing I should be doing.

It is nice to start the week off with a little something pretty though! :)

On my facebook page

I just finished a contest to find some new cake flavours!! The winner of the contest submitted 'Mocha' so that will be the first of the flavours to come! I'm thrilled with the amount of suggestions I got and cant wait to try them all!  Stop by MMB facebook for contests & updates ;)

Happy Monday everyone! <3

Saturday, 1 June 2013


 A very long time ago..well when I was first getting started with MMB my mum bought me a cross shaped pan. I really didn't think I would ever use it...but here we are.. with a lovely cross cake. It was a little smaller than I needed for the occasion...and I didn't realize that until everything was done - the cake was iced, covered with fondant AND decorated!! So I made a single layer white cake to go under the cross at around midnight the night before it was due!! haha

I think next time a cross cake comes up I might just cut it that way, instead of using the pan..just to see :)