Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to IT

Even though IT was swamped with christmas  goodies I wanted to give them a little fatten 'em up for the holidays ;)

Mini chocolate fudge C-cakes with festive red icing and snowflakes to top them off :)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Tradition..

 Every year since I can remember mom and I make Christmas cookies together <3
Mom makes the dough, rolls it, and cuts out the shapes and I am the decorator! :)
We get together before Christmas, get out the eggnog and rum and go to town making batch after batch of cookies.

<--- Dorks <3
 Candy canes! Every year I try to do something a little different with each shape.

 Little girls and little boys. I like to dress up these little children in their Christmas best <3 Little dresses for the girls and overalls for the boys!

 I was gonna try doing hair, but it made them look creepy!

 Such happy little children are they :) ...waiting to be eaten <3

 Christmas trees with stars on top <3

I usually dont give these fine gentlemen mouths, but this year I decided to get a little more creative and gave them mouths made out of coal :)

AND snowflakes. I made each one different from the last! After all no two snowflakes are alike! :)

Typically, I only help with the sugar cookies. Mom goes ahead afterward and makes short breads, ginger snaps, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and gingerbreads! I <3 her cookies!!

Nothing says Christmas like a warm kitchen full of cookies!

A perfect mother/daughter day <3

Baptism Cake/Fist Cake

 I was asked if I do cakes. I have never done a cake prior to this endevour, and I thought to myself, YES! I can SO do a cake! So I set to work. I drew out a design, did some research for pricing, for laying fondant, and for making flowers. 
I was asked to do just a simple, straight forward cake for the event. Vanilla cake, with white icing, white fondant and white flowers. I chose to add some pink dust to the flowers and pink writing to set the white off.

This was the end result...

My kitchen was a right off and I was totally covered in sugar and icing and it was SO worth it! I am very proud of myself for getting it done. I think it turned out rather well, and the lady who requested it seemed to love it!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fascinator Party!

 A lady at work was attending a fascinator party (for those who don't know they are the small fancy hats the the royals where, very fancy)-I didn't know either.. lol

 These are the designs I came up with for the cupcakes.
I used licorice all sorts and a small amount of black licorice string to make the centers, and I made each feather out of fondant dusted with gold lustre dust. Each one is perched on a white chocolate disk to make them resemble the tiny fancy hats that fancy people wear :)

 I'm very pleased with how these turned out! I think they're just so pretty! :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Purse Party!

 I was asked to do c-cakes for a purse party! This is what I came up with!! <3

They are fondant and gumpaste hand modeled into tiny handbags dusted with luster dust! and decorated to resemble fancy purses!
Perched on top of vanilla c-cakes with buttercream.

Cutesy purse party c-cakes!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Strawberry cakes for keri

 I was invited to go wedding dress shopping with my future sister in-law (hehe) and I wanted to make something special for the occasion. I thought strawberry cupcakes would be a nice treat for a group of girls <3 (and its outside my usual vanilla and chocolate)

As a first time go, I mixed in some nesquik strawberry syrup to make these cakes berry flavoured. While they DID taste like strawberry i thought it was a little faint and the syrup made the mix quite watery. Next time I will use strawberries in the cake mix.

The icing is butter cream with strawberry puree mixed into it :) Yuuum!

I also  got myself a heart mold for making decorations. I first made pink chocolate hearts (I actually had Justin make them ) but we used the chocolate candy melts/chocolate disks from bulk barn. I don't know if you've had the..pleasure of tasting said chocolate? but it does NOT taste like any good kind of chocolate, so i scrapped those ones! and decided to use some white lindor chocolate instead. MUCH BETTER!!!

Light fluffy strawberry cupcakes for a bride and her entourage!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Poker Cakes II

 I tried to get a little more creative this round. On cupcake wars a lady made cupcake cups out of playing cards, I thought it was a cool idea and gave it a try. Personally, I found it infuriating! It was hard to get the sizing right, then to tape them together was a bit of a chore! 
 Pain that they were, I do think they add a little something special to the presentation, and I'm glad I did it :)

 These were 24 vanilla C-cakes with poker pieces on top of butter cream. And I decided to jazz up the box a little with a few hands :) I am super pleased with the way they turn out.

Just on a side note, I learned a lesson that night. If your bag of icing sugar has a hole in is no good. (makes sense right? pfff) I made two batches of icing with the same bag of sugar and they were both gritty. Very gritty! :( Justin was looking online to help fix the problem and he said maybe it was the sugar! To which I promptly know.. there is a hole in the bag. So on to batch number three...after a quick trip to walmart for more supplies ( a new bag of sugar and some butter) This batch was perfect! Two things learned, Justin is a genius! and DO NOT use bags of sugar with holes in them!

I cant believe it took three batches to get to this point. But hey! Thats what an adventure is all about!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Poker Cakes

 I was asked to make C-cakes for two poker night events. My original idea was to make fondant pieces of all the suits in a deck of cards. I drew out some sketches of how i thought they should look and then got to work putting things together. I searched and searched and SEARCHED for tiny cutters in these four shapes. I found 3" cutters were too big, and the only small ones i found had to be ordered online and I certainly didn't have time for that. So i decided to make my own...but how? I was almost at a loss when one day at lunch i was looking at a tiny coke can on the table next to me and it came to me..  aha So i asked the lady for her can and this is what i came up with:

I am so pleased with the way they turned out!! For this first order I made 4 dozen mini chocolate c-cakes with small fondant toppers, and butter cream icing :)
See Poker Cakes II

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Disaster Cakes

Oh...I think that the pictures are pretty self explanitory...



Ok so our apartment was really warm, and i did not place these in the fridge ...maybe i should have. Just a thought. Eeeep

Friday, 11 November 2011

Mmmmmm Chocolate chip cookies!!!

 Mmmmm who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie?

I decided to make my B-friend a giant cookie because she had a rough start to her week <3 And cookies, chocolate, and love tend to make people (..women) feel better.

We were recently in the states and I bought a bag of dove chocolate (it's suppose to be the best chocolate ever..!) I had one or two, they were indeed delish! Buuut when i made the decision to make the cookies I realized I was lacking one key ingredient.
You guessed it! THE CHIPS!!! I unwrapped all the chocolates in the bag and chopped them into 'chips' for my giant cookie! I really think they added something extra special to the batch. It could be because on the inside of each tiny wrapper is an inspirational phrase like "you are beautiful" and "think of something that makes you smile". OR it could be because the chocolate is just THAT good! Who knows! I hope that they did the trick and cheered her up :) Because I love her <3 (as you can see ) aha

To good cookies and the best of B-friends <3 Love you lady!!