Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fruit Pizza!

  I decided to try making a fruit flan (I like pizza better... I'm pretty sure I didn't use the right bottom layer for a flan.) Anyway I wanted to make one for a couple reasons, 1 it was a co-workers birthday and I thought it would be a nice treat for her, she likes to eat healthy so I thought fruit pizza was a good idea (ahah I'm sure that it wasn't healthy! ) And 2 because they're beautiful and there are SO many possibilities! Any kind of fruit you like, any pattern you want! It was a lot of fun.

After I put about 3/4 blueberries on I decided to make a stop motion video of my fruit pizza, so I took them all off and then put them on one by one taking a photo every time. It was a very slow process with the camera involved but I really love  the outcome. So for your viewing- my fruit pizza.

I must say I believe this fruit pizza of mine was a success. I could certainly eat A LOT of it! It was a sugar cookie base with cream cheese icing and then of course - fruit! It was yummy! ;)

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