Monday, 31 October 2011

Dot's Birthday (Part 2)


 Early Friday morning, I got up and put these beautiful flowery cupcakes into their box, tied it with ribbon and topped it with a bow!
I delivered them around 730 that morning to a very unsuspecting lady, who I believe teared up a little. <3

This was so much fun, and so very exciting! I can't wait to do it again.
 Happy birthday once more to a lovely lady who celebrates her special day today! and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dot's Birthday (Part 1)

 Dorothee is a beautiful lady, inside and out. She is one of my absolute favorite people.  I've known her for a number of years, and each year just keeps getting better :)
Her birthday is on Halloween, and I really want to make her something special.

C-cakes is obviously where I led myself. SO here we go!

I just finished baking the cupcakes themselves...from scratch! (NOT EASY!- I say this is both from the perspective of an amateur and a perfectionist...Its hard to get them to taste JUST right) I believe I did well with them but my true test will be with the receiver of said c-cakes. Tomorrow I will ice and decorate them. Then delivery is on Friday in the early AM!

For decorating I am trying my hand at a little fondant decoration. Flowers! Pink flowers, dusted with a little silver luster dust and a silver ball in the center. Nice, simple, and cute. I'm also going to whip up some butter cream for a bed for the flowers :)

I tried to get a little creative with my photos here, showing off the flowers but also the tools and mess that came with them :)

After the weekend I will post the finished C-cakes for you to see. I cant wait to see them!

'Love you Dot!'

Monday, 24 October 2011

IT rainbow C-cakes!!!

 I really like to make delicious items and give them to other people(that way I dont eat them all ahaha) I think my favorite crowd is upstairs in IT. I really enjoy making them all cheery and smiley...not to say that they arent generally smiley people...but they do take a lot of flack at work.

Rainbow C-cakes! Seriously what on earth is more cheery than rainbow cakes??? NOTHING!! they're so vibrant and inviting! So cute. Someone in IT thought that maybe they were flavoured accordingly...they are not. Next time though! I think thats a great idea! I'm quite exited for my next round of rainbow C-cakes, I had a lot of fun doing these. It gave me plenty of opportunity to take bright rainbowy (yes. rainbowy) pictures! (I've decided that this blog is a great opportunity for experimenting with photography, so stay tuned for photo posts in days to come) --- I'm so extra super excited!!

 They're so beautiful!  They make me cheery just looking at them! :)

On a small side note...I really wanted sprinkles to go on each of the colours and I couldn't find the right colours all seperated...(it was kind of late for a Sunday night when I started looking)... So I bought rainbow sprinkles and I definately took about an hour and a half to separate the colours.
...yep. ahaha

Happy Monday IT!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.
We shall see what next week brings in the world of sweet ;)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cupcakes for two!

attempt 1
attempt 2
I occasionally feel like baking for the sake of baking...or blogging, aha...(oh who am I kidding! I can't stop thinking about baking!) I have decided to start  playing around with recipes for two cup cakes.

I found an easy one bowl recipe online, and gave it a go. The first time I made it I thought it looked really runny, so I added a bit of flour to thincken it up(keep in mind I'm relatively new at this aha.) I also made a chocolate icing from some of the chocolate that i had left from my cake pops.

While they looked so pretty...

They were really quite heavy due to that extra bit of flour! Oooops
They were tasty and floury and cute!

I tried again last night, not adding any extra flour to it this time, I followed the directions precisely!  They were still a little heavy though. So next time I'm going to fiddle around with the ingredients...Mess around until i get it right ! :)
They didnt look very good! I had just made a whole batch of IT cupcakes for tomorrow without any extras! by the time I was finished I really wanted a cupcake! I was a little tired and it was about 1030 last night,  I was ready to stop. So I mixed them up quickly and just spread on some of my leftover icing from the last batch on while they were still warm. They dont look fantastic, but they were yummy.

Perfect for a small C-cake fix <3

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Michaels!!!! / Cake pops!

I went to Michael's this morning!!! I cannot adequately put into words how much i LOVE that store...that and the bulk barn of course; two key stores for baking and what have you! They have EVERYTHING!!!! A couple girls at work have told me about this bakery supply store...the name of which I dont remember...but it's a little far to go for some supplies...for now. Maybe one day! :}

So today I purchased some white fondant, some boxes, piping bags with one tip, black icing dye, cutters....I have something in mind, but it wont be done until the end of the week and its killing me!!!! I wanna make it now!!!! I cant wait to show everyone!

On my way out of the bulk barn I saw a sign for a cake pop decorating class....while I am interested in taking this class, I have already made some cake pops for a birthday girl(not me..haha) and I think they turned out pretty well.

They. We're. Messy!

Good times though. I had some help (from the best man in the world <3), he stirred the chocolate constantly while i dipped and frosted. Uhm.. I don't what was going wrong but the chocolate wasnt working out very well. First I tried white chocolate, and it started to separate ...sadface. Switched to milk chocolate, which was great at first, then it started to cool for some reason...sadface again. So i started just using a knife and icing by hand..they weren't perfect, but they sure were tasty <3 I also used melted pink chocolate to drizzle on the tops.

All in all, the kitchen was covered in chocolate, I was covered in chocolate, and they were delicious and rather pretty :) And everyone at worked seemed to enjoy them. That's all the matters really, they brought smiles to faces! :)

I have BIG ideas for my next cake pops. Not sure when that will be though. Before Christmas, around Christmas. (I bought a book on cake pops one day while I was in line at the grocery store that has sparked this whole cake pop excitement) I look forward to the messes to come! :D

Friday, 21 October 2011

My first...bigger baking experience

pre icing

 On my birthday I decided to bring cupcakes to work for all the ladies....

Mini c-cakes.

Mini c-cakes with butterflies on them.

iced - pre butterflies

50 of them

They were so cute!!!
However, I only have one tiny c-cake tin that makes a dozen at a time... ahah it took a little longer than I had originally thought it would. But it was well worth it!

Happy Birthday to me! <)8')  !