Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Musclow Wedding 2012 (Part 2)

M is for Musclow!! :) The big day was the 25th of August, just this past weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, the crowd was beautiful, and the entire day was full of so much love (and tears..) I am so happy that I was invited to be a part of Matt and Keri's wonderful wedding.

This is my first ever wedding cake! I have never been more proud of myself than on that day! :) I am so pleased!!! <3

Sadly, by the time I was ready for photos I had run out of time! I was not dressed for the wedding and I only had 10 minutes to get ready!!! So it was a bit of a rush, but I know there are plenty of photos that covered the cake. I'll post them as soon as I can. :) :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Musclow Wedding 2012 (Part 1)

As some of you may know it has been almost year since I started MMB, my first order was in October 2011. Around that time my sister-in-law was in the midst of planning a wedding. Being the super excitable person that I am, having never EVER made a wedding cake in my life, I offered to do hers!! She accepted without even hesitating, she put so much trust in my abilities! :) We talked over the months about what she wanted and things that she liked, and I began planning.

 First were the cake pops. I suggested that a cute idea for take aways would be cake pops (I wasnt sure that she would really go for it....she did!!!) I was thrilled, and then I remembered her guest list was a few heads short of 200!! :) So on the August long weekend I got started, dozen after dozen of cake pops, rolled, dipped, dressed, bagged, and into my freezer :) I think my final count was 16 dozen :)

 Next it was on to all the small detail work. Chocolate M's - black and white - for each cupcake. And beautiful gumpaste calla lillies for the cake topper.

I didn't start any of the heavy baking until the Thursday before the wedding because I wanted it to be as fresh as it could be. We have here- two tiers of white cake, and then approximately 200 cupcakes :) all dressed and ready to go.

My step father George had this beautiful cake stand made for me for the occasion. :) Thank you to him and thank you to my mom for tying all the tiny ribbons on the cake pops and a big thank you for all the love and encouragement from everyone in my life during this process.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Golf Ball Pops

Golf balls!! :) I did some research to see what others have done, and this is what I did :) I didn't know if the dimples were going to come through the way I did them, but they did!!! I was so happy to see it work.

 These golf pops were for a gent on his birthday ! :) - I think he enjoys a round or two at the links :)

Wedding hearts

Wow, I have been so very busy this month!! Now that August is coming to a close I should be able to catch all of you up on what I've been doing! I'm  going to start with a special treat I made for my sister-in-law on her bachelorette weekend away with the girls.
Mmmmm, Dark chocolate hearts filled with fluffy cream cheese topped with fondant bows <3

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

King of..Pops?

Sooo, since I have a back log of projects to share with you all, I just went through my collection of photos and look what I found!! Michael Jackson cake pops! :)While I was so very excited about these, I struggled a little bit with them at first. I was suppose to do a cake, but then it changed to pops and how do you get MJ onto a cake pop??? I think I did alright. They make me happy...King of pops?! lol Such a dork!! I wonder if maybe a little red in there would have made them pop!
On a side note, I was listening to itunes radio and came across an all Michael Jackson all the time station. It's pretty awesome!!

I LOVE MJ!! <3 RIP <3

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pink Party Pops!

  I <3 pink!! I really do!

These were for a grade 8 grad party! SO pretty. The girly asked for  pink and white polka dots and swirls. Very girly! Very party-esque! Very cute!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tiffany Blue Bridal Flowers

 <3 Love <3

I was asked to make some pops for a bridal shower<3
The brides flowers are daisies and her colour is tiffany blue. These are the pops I made for the event. I was also told  that her favorite colour is pink, so hidden inside these pretty treats is  pink cake!!! <3
 I wanted to doll the pops up, so I made a little flower basket <3 !! :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Birthday Mom/It's been a very long time

I have not posted in a very very long time! I must apologize for my tardiness. Sorry all!! <3

 It was my moms birthday ....a month ago.. :)  and I wanted to make a very special cake for her! I had a few ideas but decided a flower pot was the best way to go <3 Flowers for mum <3

Everything is edible except the stems, they're straws.. aha next time they WILL be edible though! :)

Mom & I <3
Happy Caking!