Friday, 6 April 2012

Lego Cake 1

 I was asked to make two cakes for a certain young mans 11th birthday. One for the day of his birthday and then another for his birthday party. :) The young man in question is a big Lego fan, I'm  told. So a Lego cake was requested of me. As soon as I heard the word I was thrilled! I started drawing and researching Lego cakes others have done.  This is my first 3D cake... :D

I learned that green is his favorite colour <3 and because Lego's are so bright and colourful I made a Lego mat under the big block. I made each Lego piece with fondant and a pizza cutter, then laid tiny dots of fondant on top and pressed them into shape :)
 I didn't want to write directly on the cake so I made a happy birthday sign for the front of the cake. :D

 I was very pleased with this cake and have since learned that it was also a success with the birthday boy! :)

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