Wednesday, 19 November 2014

All Christmasing aside..

I understand that I've been talking about Christmas and christmas related treats since the beginning of the month...lets take a break from that for a little while huh?

In other girlfriend is expecting a baby in the middle/end of January! :D Weeee! So before the christmas (sorry) holidays get really going, we threw her a baby shower at work! Of course I volunteered to make the cake!! :) Now, as much as its killing me!!! Her and her husband have decided not to  find out the sex of that little cutie!! So they're going with a jungle theme in the sweet little nursery, and we followed suit for her shower! (Even though we're convinced she's having a little girl!!!) ;) So here is her jungle theme cake :)
 I recently purchased an elephant cutter cutter for another baby shower I did, and I just love it so much!!! It is just the cutest little thing!
 I also attended her family baby shower this month and was asked to bring some camo theme cookies. The colour scheme of the shower was gray and yellow so I tried to pull those colours off with some camo onsies...I personally don't think it worked out that well...She originally requested the cookies before she was even expecting, based on a previous order for camo onsies that she saw me do...I should have gone with normal colours. They were still cute though! And a pretty big hit at the shower...

Below are the original camo onsie cookies that I made...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

As you all know...this girl is getting pumped for Christmas! And to start the season off right, I've made 300 Christmas tree cookies for an event that was held last weekend! It took a very very VERY long time to get all these trees ready for delivery! But I made it just in time!!! (Seriously - I was up until 4am the day they were due!!!! And I worked on them again from 7-830. To say I was sleepy is a crazy understatement!)
 So off they went...
Get your Christmas cookie orders in today! ;) <<<--

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

C is for Christmas cookies!

Christmas cookies and all Christmas related things are just around the corner!!!!! It's finally here!!! Last year was the first year that I did Christmas cookie trays and since then I have been patiently waiting for this year so we can do it all over again!!! (Actually, last Christmas was the first time I decorated a cookie- well, aside from when I decorate with my mum...but that's completely different!) 

This week I've started taking Christmas orders and will be accepting orders until December 12th! I have new cookie cutters for this year AND new decorating ideas!!! I can't wait!!