Monday, 21 November 2011

Poker Cakes II

 I tried to get a little more creative this round. On cupcake wars a lady made cupcake cups out of playing cards, I thought it was a cool idea and gave it a try. Personally, I found it infuriating! It was hard to get the sizing right, then to tape them together was a bit of a chore! 
 Pain that they were, I do think they add a little something special to the presentation, and I'm glad I did it :)

 These were 24 vanilla C-cakes with poker pieces on top of butter cream. And I decided to jazz up the box a little with a few hands :) I am super pleased with the way they turn out.

Just on a side note, I learned a lesson that night. If your bag of icing sugar has a hole in is no good. (makes sense right? pfff) I made two batches of icing with the same bag of sugar and they were both gritty. Very gritty! :( Justin was looking online to help fix the problem and he said maybe it was the sugar! To which I promptly know.. there is a hole in the bag. So on to batch number three...after a quick trip to walmart for more supplies ( a new bag of sugar and some butter) This batch was perfect! Two things learned, Justin is a genius! and DO NOT use bags of sugar with holes in them!

I cant believe it took three batches to get to this point. But hey! Thats what an adventure is all about!

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