Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Heather's Birthday

 We celebrated Heathers birthday with a weekend in Niagara Falls! It was a great, shopping filled, girls weekend away.
I decided to make Jack Skellington cupcakes for her. (She loves Jack Skellington!!)
I had to do a bit of research before going through with my plan, and over all i think it went alright.  I used the homemade c-cakes with a touch of box chocolate cake, so they were just a little dry but still tasty. I used sculpting tools to make each of the faces then painted on the details with fondant dye. It was mess, the black dye most certainly stained my hands...and my lip when I wanted to know what it tasted like.(at the time I was unaware that it would stain...though when i look back at the situation it does make sense...ahah)

All wrapped up and topped with a bow for a birthday girl :)
Happy birthday Heather, and thank you for inviting me to share your birthday weekend! :) I hope you had a blasty blast!

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