Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jam & Maple PB cookies!

 Peanut butter cookies! A crowd favorite- (A justin favorite)! <3 I  found a great recipe on (which i LOVE btw- it is a great website!) I stuffed some of these pb cookies with homemade strawberry jam made by my mum <3 and some of them are stuffed with maple spread. I marked each cookie appropriately ...which in effect looked like.. Well...Justin and Molly.. hehe shaped like hearts...I'm a total dork! and very okay with it :)

I discovered very quickly that peanut butter cookie dough is extremely trying on my patience. I had trouble getting the hearts off the paper when they were cut, and one of them I stuffed too full of maple and in the oven it exploded maple over the rest of the pan and surrounding cookies...I was really not impressed...

 Anyway, justin loved them... Ate quite a few right out of the oven <3

Then I dropped them off in IT in the early AM as usual. (I <3 baking for IT)

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