Friday, 11 November 2011

Mmmmmm Chocolate chip cookies!!!

 Mmmmm who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie?

I decided to make my B-friend a giant cookie because she had a rough start to her week <3 And cookies, chocolate, and love tend to make people (..women) feel better.

We were recently in the states and I bought a bag of dove chocolate (it's suppose to be the best chocolate ever..!) I had one or two, they were indeed delish! Buuut when i made the decision to make the cookies I realized I was lacking one key ingredient.
You guessed it! THE CHIPS!!! I unwrapped all the chocolates in the bag and chopped them into 'chips' for my giant cookie! I really think they added something extra special to the batch. It could be because on the inside of each tiny wrapper is an inspirational phrase like "you are beautiful" and "think of something that makes you smile". OR it could be because the chocolate is just THAT good! Who knows! I hope that they did the trick and cheered her up :) Because I love her <3 (as you can see ) aha

To good cookies and the best of B-friends <3 Love you lady!!

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