Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wedding season...Part 2

As promised! I am home from our girls weekend in Niagara Falls, exhausted, and ready to post some wedding cakes for your viewing pleasure :) Wedding cakes are very stressful... they need to be perfection! I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for the wonderful world of weddings, but when I was asked... I dove right in. And I'm glad I did!!! While stress levels run high, the end result is well worth the late nights and the stress of delivery!! Watching a wedding cake come together perfectly on any big day is just the bees knees! Next year I have 3 weddings booked, and 2 possibles so far! I will also be present at the Sass Bridal Event in February! (I missed the last show because it was 2 weeks before my wedding, and I realized at the very last minute that that was a very VERY bad idea! So I cancelled my table... :( BUT I signed on for the next show! I can't wait to share my new ideas with the future brides at the event!)

So here are the other wedding cakes I did this year....The first one was for the very sweet wedding of friends of ours. They had a small affair with a Victorian steam punk theme! It was very much their wedding. :) I am so happy that they came to me for their special cake request. They asked for a brushed steal look, with robot owls and red butterflies. So this is what I made! I was so excited while setting this cake, knowing they were going to love it! And I think the photo of them speaks for itself! A big congratulations to my friends, Dan & Amber! It was a wonderful day for everyone who was present!  These cake photos are from Josh Mahoney Photography

 The second cake is a simple, yet lovely, cake with real flowers on top. I loved this cake, and at the time thought I might do the same for my own cake - their wedding was very similar to ours...the same(ish) pink theme, the same decorating style, the exact same harpist!! It was so beautiful!  Sadly, I haven't had opportunity to see any photographer these are the photos I took :)

I hope you have all had great weekends! It's always sad when they come to a close on Sunday evenings. This week I have a few orders to keep me busy, including some spooky Halloween cookies...I'll keep you posted ;) 

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