Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Good morning! It's been a little while since I've visited this little blog of mine.. This year has been a whirl wind! Seriously..I cannot believe we're heading into November soon! Where on earth has the time gone?  Yesterday I watched the movie 'Julie & Julia', not for the first time, and it reminded me why I started doing this whole blog. I wanted to be like her! About 4, almost 5, years ago I was in desperate need of something to do, a hobby of sorts..this girl was bored! After watching Julie & Julia, the first time, I was completely in love with the idea of being a blogger! But what on earth could I blog about?!? I had started bringing baked goods to work for co-workers to enjoy, and it was about that time that I was approached for a cake order! My very first paid cake order.  MMB blog was born... Since then I have been constantly challenged by different wants and needs, and I feel like I am always able to rise to the challenge. I am so proud of myself. Having never taken a baking/decorating class in my life, I set sail on an incredible journey, where I ended up finding my one true passion!

So let me tell you about this year past! As you know, I was engaged last February, to my absolute best friend! The only person who truly understands me and is incredibly patient with me..(Aside from my best gal pal! - She too knows me very very well! haha)
 Wedding planning was...interesting... We set a budget and we really worked hard to stay within it. Not exactly the easiest task, but 100% manageable! I am happy to sit here and tell you that we did it! We stayed within our budget, maybe $100-$200 over, the whole ordeal took place in September and it was a beautiful day! I could not have asked for better Saturday ;) (Photos to come - once I receive them...I imagine in my next post! They're in the mail!) Due to the enormous task of planning a wedding, I took a few months off from baking to make sure I was as relaxed as a bride could be (truth be told, I was still stressed! ) but I'm glad I took the time! Sometimes you need a break. And I believed I've learned from that, and will not always push myself to the very edge of sanity with orders! :) This being said, I am back! I am in full swing taking orders again! And so excited to be getting right back into it!

 With the changing seasons and the holidays approaching (and already past)  I thought I would post a little something that comes with the changing leaves....PUMPKINS! These were pumpkin spiced roll out cookies that of course needed to be decorated like pumpkins!  They were the treats I made this year for Thanksgiving! Of course its not pumpkin pie, but still delish!! And super adorable!

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