Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Super Pops! / Birthday Part I

 There is a certain guy in my life who just had a birthday! While not a BIG birthday (soon though!!! haha) I wanted to make him feel special!! <3 So a big huge super-deee-duuper happy birthday to Mr. Justin Musclow!! I made him his favorite super hero cake pops! I didn't get a photo of it, but the cake on the inside corresponds with the hero symbol on the outside :) (superman = blue, batman = yellow, flash= red, and green lantern... =well....Not green... sigh. I broke 4 green pops!!!! ...so it was yellow in there... *sigh again) lol

Regardless of the colour that is hiding beneath the black chocolate I love the way they turned out! And said birthday boy was very happy. :)

It's not finished here though!! I also made him a cake!!! I MUST love this guy?!?! ;) Stay tuned for his green cake!! (it actually turned out green too!! lol making up for the lack of green in the hero pops!)

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