Saturday, 26 May 2012


 In keeping with the super hero thing I've got going on this week :) I thought it appropriate to post these hero pops! Myself, my best friend in the whole world, and her awesome sista went to the midnight screening of the avengers movie when it opened. ...It was a few weeks's about time these were up..aha

So here they are. I found black candy melts in Michaels! Very exciting! So I HAD to try them the same day! They work as well as the other melts..tricky, but they look cool! Aaaaand I made a cardboard cutout of the avengers symbol :) hehe I'm a dork...we three dorks <3

AVENGERS!! (which by the way was sooo good!! I've seen it twice now..and maaay see it again. :) ) Dork! ;)

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