Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wedding Cookies

 As some of you know I have been frequently the bridal show seen :) So far I've done 3. I have 2 more so far this year and a craft show coming up. I love doing the shows,  if gives me a chance to really get myself out there (a task that is very daunting) A chance to get started in the wedding side of cakes :)

I was (and love to) experimenting with different ideas for wedding take aways, and these were my first wedding cookies. I also wanted to try out sugar veil. For those who don't know it's a a sugar mixture that you can place in moles (such a lace) and when it comes out its is a nice flexible, edible, sugar product that can be wrapped around cakes, and cookies and cake pops. It's very pretty! The trouble with this product is that the moulds are very expensive, and I only have one heart mould! It makes six hearts at a time and it takes a very very long time to dry! Overnight! So unless I get a few thousand more of these moulds, (lol) the cookies can't really become part of my cookie line up.

Sure are pretty though :)

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