Saturday, 29 March 2014


 As per my norm, this cake is from December...Only 4 months ago....yeesh! Eh, better late than never ;) I'm really working on catching up from 2013, I've got some great things to show you from this year so far and we're heading into April! So many more cakes and treats to come! I've booked 3.5 weddings this summer!!! It's going to be a great year for MMB!

This cake was fun to do, I struggled a little with getting the shape of the cake right, but it turned out pretty well I thought. It was the first time I tried to do the character art by drawing on fondant with edible markers. I like the effect. (I just made a cake today-no spoilers- all the are around the cake is drawn like this one, and I cannot wait to share that cake! It's perfect if I may say so :) )

Tonight, I'll be trying my hand at macarones... I'm excited about trying them (I have no idea what to expect..) and I'm a little nervous about how they'll turn out. First try can't be perfect though :)

Happy baking! ;)

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