Monday, 30 January 2012

PB frosted!

 So pretty all in a row.

I was watching the food network(which I LOVE by the way) and in 'Eat Street' they had a couple on that owned a bakery truck! First, I'd just like to say I would love to have a bakery truck! or just a bakery! BUT that'll have to wait a while. Start small :)
Anyway they are trying to be extra creative with they're C-cakes. Trying different flavours, mixing flavours, filling the C-cakes. It was inspiring  to say the least!

I made some vanilla cupcakes and some chocolate cupcakes! On top is food network inspired peanut butter frosting! and i shaved a little bit of chocolate for the top!

 The chocolate ones were so yummy! Obviously chocolate and peanut butter go together! They have for years! I didnt really fancy the vanilla with the peanut butter just didnt feel right.

Happy C-Cakes!

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