Friday, 6 January 2012

Cookie Tree

 Ok, I know that its getting close to a point where I shouldnt be putting up Christmas posts, but i have a few more!

We were having a pot luck lunch at work just before christmas and obviously I was going to bring baked goods :) I made a cookie tree :D

 I called up my mum and got her sugar cookie recipe from her (i love it) and went to work.  I originally did NOT measure correctly the amount of butter needed and had really sticky cookie dough that I knew was all wrong. So..called her back, just as I realized the problem, we had a good laugh, and i went back to work..

I had ordered a set of star cookie cutters specifically for a cookie tree from avon !! and it worked out great! The base star.. as seen left.. was really big and pretty hard to get off the pan without breaking...i broke it in three spots actually ahah.
After that, i made  two of each piece  and started piling them on :)

Cookie tree :) (looks a bit crooked :) )
I made two that night. One for work and one for our landlords. :)

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