Friday, 27 January 2012

American Idiot!

 Dad took me to see American Idiot! For the occasion I wanted to make special C-cakes for us. So obviously went with the american idiot logo seen <---here

I made Jumbo C-cakes (with my new jumbo c-cake pan) and then made a fondant decoration :)

I like how the first one turned out, not so much the second one; I was pressed for time, but all in all they're not bad :)

I attempted for the first time ever to make a dark chocolate ganache. It did not turn out! aha it was weird and really rich AND runny!... I'll get it next time.

 It appears that I didn't feel like taking pictures of the actual cupcakes themselves for this one. I have pictures of the naked C-cakes but they're really just naked c-cakes so i haven't included said shots in this post. At the end of the day I only dressed one of them and gave it to dad. He loved it :)

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