Saturday, 22 October 2011

Michaels!!!! / Cake pops!

I went to Michael's this morning!!! I cannot adequately put into words how much i LOVE that store...that and the bulk barn of course; two key stores for baking and what have you! They have EVERYTHING!!!! A couple girls at work have told me about this bakery supply store...the name of which I dont remember...but it's a little far to go for some supplies...for now. Maybe one day! :}

So today I purchased some white fondant, some boxes, piping bags with one tip, black icing dye, cutters....I have something in mind, but it wont be done until the end of the week and its killing me!!!! I wanna make it now!!!! I cant wait to show everyone!

On my way out of the bulk barn I saw a sign for a cake pop decorating class....while I am interested in taking this class, I have already made some cake pops for a birthday girl(not me..haha) and I think they turned out pretty well.

They. We're. Messy!

Good times though. I had some help (from the best man in the world <3), he stirred the chocolate constantly while i dipped and frosted. Uhm.. I don't what was going wrong but the chocolate wasnt working out very well. First I tried white chocolate, and it started to separate ...sadface. Switched to milk chocolate, which was great at first, then it started to cool for some reason...sadface again. So i started just using a knife and icing by hand..they weren't perfect, but they sure were tasty <3 I also used melted pink chocolate to drizzle on the tops.

All in all, the kitchen was covered in chocolate, I was covered in chocolate, and they were delicious and rather pretty :) And everyone at worked seemed to enjoy them. That's all the matters really, they brought smiles to faces! :)

I have BIG ideas for my next cake pops. Not sure when that will be though. Before Christmas, around Christmas. (I bought a book on cake pops one day while I was in line at the grocery store that has sparked this whole cake pop excitement) I look forward to the messes to come! :D

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