Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cupcakes for two!

attempt 1
attempt 2
I occasionally feel like baking for the sake of baking...or blogging, aha...(oh who am I kidding! I can't stop thinking about baking!) I have decided to start  playing around with recipes for two cup cakes.

I found an easy one bowl recipe online, and gave it a go. The first time I made it I thought it looked really runny, so I added a bit of flour to thincken it up(keep in mind I'm relatively new at this aha.) I also made a chocolate icing from some of the chocolate that i had left from my cake pops.

While they looked so pretty...

They were really quite heavy due to that extra bit of flour! Oooops
They were tasty and floury and cute!

I tried again last night, not adding any extra flour to it this time, I followed the directions precisely!  They were still a little heavy though. So next time I'm going to fiddle around with the ingredients...Mess around until i get it right ! :)
They didnt look very good! I had just made a whole batch of IT cupcakes for tomorrow without any extras! by the time I was finished I really wanted a cupcake! I was a little tired and it was about 1030 last night,  I was ready to stop. So I mixed them up quickly and just spread on some of my leftover icing from the last batch on while they were still warm. They dont look fantastic, but they were yummy.

Perfect for a small C-cake fix <3

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