Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dot's Birthday (Part 1)

 Dorothee is a beautiful lady, inside and out. She is one of my absolute favorite people.  I've known her for a number of years, and each year just keeps getting better :)
Her birthday is on Halloween, and I really want to make her something special.

C-cakes is obviously where I led myself. SO here we go!

I just finished baking the cupcakes themselves...from scratch! (NOT EASY!- I say this is both from the perspective of an amateur and a perfectionist...Its hard to get them to taste JUST right) I believe I did well with them but my true test will be with the receiver of said c-cakes. Tomorrow I will ice and decorate them. Then delivery is on Friday in the early AM!

For decorating I am trying my hand at a little fondant decoration. Flowers! Pink flowers, dusted with a little silver luster dust and a silver ball in the center. Nice, simple, and cute. I'm also going to whip up some butter cream for a bed for the flowers :)

I tried to get a little creative with my photos here, showing off the flowers but also the tools and mess that came with them :)

After the weekend I will post the finished C-cakes for you to see. I cant wait to see them!

'Love you Dot!'

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