Monday, 24 October 2011

IT rainbow C-cakes!!!

 I really like to make delicious items and give them to other people(that way I dont eat them all ahaha) I think my favorite crowd is upstairs in IT. I really enjoy making them all cheery and smiley...not to say that they arent generally smiley people...but they do take a lot of flack at work.

Rainbow C-cakes! Seriously what on earth is more cheery than rainbow cakes??? NOTHING!! they're so vibrant and inviting! So cute. Someone in IT thought that maybe they were flavoured accordingly...they are not. Next time though! I think thats a great idea! I'm quite exited for my next round of rainbow C-cakes, I had a lot of fun doing these. It gave me plenty of opportunity to take bright rainbowy (yes. rainbowy) pictures! (I've decided that this blog is a great opportunity for experimenting with photography, so stay tuned for photo posts in days to come) --- I'm so extra super excited!!

 They're so beautiful!  They make me cheery just looking at them! :)

On a small side note...I really wanted sprinkles to go on each of the colours and I couldn't find the right colours all seperated...(it was kind of late for a Sunday night when I started looking)... So I bought rainbow sprinkles and I definately took about an hour and a half to separate the colours.
...yep. ahaha

Happy Monday IT!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.
We shall see what next week brings in the world of sweet ;)

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