Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bridal Shower Peonies

 These are my version of peonies. I did a lot of research before making these cupcakes. This girl is not about flowers ...oddly.. haha I don't have a green thumb. Not even light green! You give me flowers and I WILL kill them.
...Sad really... lol But I do have sugary hands..? I know my way around a gumpaste flower or two ;)

These flowers have very specific cutters to work with...buuuut I do not have that cutter..and didn't really have time to order one. So ..I improvised! I used my two rose petal cutters, some icing tips(to fray the edges) and my ball tool to round them out :)  I LOVE these!! LOVE THEM! I was so proud!! (this was maybe a month ago? month and half?) And I got an email from the bride who was treated to them thanking me telling me how perfect they were!! <3 (gush) :) hehe so pretty
 They took a lot of time, but as with everything I've done so far, it was WELL worth it! :) :)

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