Friday, 5 July 2013

100% Canadian

 Better late than never!! :) These are the treats I made for Canada Day.  Before these I tried to make s'more cake pops. I made a cake that almost entirely replaced flour with graham crackers! It was really good...sadly it was really really greasy though. I couldn't even roll it into balls!!! Had to scrap it!

Then I came across an interesting idea. Actual s'mores pops! Graham cracker's cut into shapes with cookie cutters - with marshmallow fluff on one side and melted chocolate on the other - smushed together into a sandwhich - dipped in chocolate!!! WHAT?!?  I took it one marshmallowy step further and used marshmallow flavoured chocolate! :) And I also went the festive route with these and made them Canadian theme :) They we're just for the family and they were a huge hit! :) I have to say I even had one or two! :)

Hahah at first I thought that the shapes they turned out to be were a bit sloppy but I like them! :)

100% made in Canada

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