Monday, 10 June 2013

Princess pops!

 Oh it's Monday again...lets start the week off right with a little something sweet :)

Cake pops for a tiny princess on her birthday. I love these pops! Love them! I had a lot of fun with the crowns (Any chance to use my airbrush is a great day, <and a messy one>) And of course, if you are unaware, I love pink! :)

I seem to be having a lot of trouble with cracked cake pops again! I went quite a while where it wasn't really an issue, but looks like I've gone back that way! I chill the pops, then let them warm up a bit before I dip them, I make sure the chocolate isn't too hot! I think the problem may be popping them into the freezer as soon as they're wrapped up may be part of it. Because they're fine for photos, but in the morning when I need them for delivery they've all got cracks..and I mean ALL of them! :( So to anyone of late who has received pops that are cracked I do apologize, and I want you to know just how frustrating it is to me!!! And I am working on figuring out the problem.

Anyway, Happy Monday.. :)

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