Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Princess Castle

 Well..I think I've kept this from you long enough!! (I wasn't intentionally keeping it from you..I just fall behind on my posts :) ) This is the princess castle cake I made and delivered the day I was leaving for Mexico!!! (because I'm a crazy person -aaaand clearly don't enjoy relaxing...haha)

Anyway I was so out of sorts before I started and so nervous that my incredible fiance had to tell me to just get out of my head and get to work!! And I did. And I love it!!

This cake is for twin girls who turned 3 and had a princess themed party! (how cute ?!)  I can't wait to have a little girl/(s) so I can have princess parties...I mean..I suppose nothing is stopping me now...but I would feel less silly in the midst of tiny princesses at a party...haha I am however a princess one day a year NO-MATTER-WHAT!!  No matter how old you are it is a wonderful thing to feel special on your birthday :)

This is the second cake I've done with toys on it and it was a HUGE success! And why not? Cake and toys!!! Brilliant! AND it took some pressure of the cake decorator! ;)

Happy birthday to all princesses everyday!! :)

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