Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rainbow pops/Mini Samplers!!

 I made these for a lady who ordered spiderman pops for her kids and 1 dozen 'whatever' pops for herself :) I wanted to mix it up a bit and give her some choices! I really liked the idea - and after tasting each of flavours when I was done, I decided to prepare a big batch of each flavour!! So now I have a rainbow of mini pops in my freezer!! I can whip up a sample pack whenever I need to!! :)

- Strawberry cake dipped in banana flavoured chocolate
Orange - Chocolate cake dipped in Orange flavoured chocolate
Yellow - Cherry cake dipped in lemon flavoured chocolate
Green - Vanilla cake dipped in lime flavoured chocolate
Blue - Blue raspberry
Purple - Butter pecan

 FUN! I'll be looking for new flavour ideas on my Facebook page next month!! Come check it out!!!

Have a great week everyone!! :)

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