Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday mornings/Leopard print/6 days!

 Mooooonday....UGH, it is so hard to wake up sometimes! Here's a little something sweet to get the week rolling! Cutesy leopard print pops!

I started out not knowing what I was going to do for these pops. My instructions were 'Make them girly' ....


Prints!!  I think next time I go prints (in two weeks) I'm going to aim for a more sexy colour scheme. Like a hot pink!! Thats what I started out with but the colour I was using didn't work out right...

Sadly, these pops never made it to the customer...I was in a bit of a car crash on my way to deliver them...I'm quite alright, but it was a mess, and I didn't make the delivery :( But the pops survived and I hanging out in my freezer ...Along with so many others. HAha it's always so full of cake in there!!!

On a side note I am leaving for Mexico on Sunday! In 6 days I will be on a beach relaxing!! I cannot wait!! It is a MUCH needed vacation for this girl!! :) So the sooner this Monday gets started the sooner I get on the plain!

Happy Monday! Have a great week everyone!! ;)

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