Sunday, 13 January 2013

Disaster Cakes/Caught up!

 These cakes were done for a guy at work for his wife on her birthday. Now, he originally asked me to make sugar free c-cakes for I tried...

I wanted them to be cool/funky ahah so this is what I made. Unfortunately the whipped topping destroyed the fondant pieces... oh boy. I mean. DESTROYED. I didn't see the very end result...but I know from even these photos they were headed down hill. Fast.
 You can see if you click on the photos there are spots were the fondant has started to melt. It only got worse :)

 So the next day I offered to make him so new ones (minus the melted goo) eeep... So I made him some pretty happy birthday cakes :)

 This is the last set of photos from my back log! I am officially caught up!  Now it will all be newer posts and projects and working on correcting the disaster that is my blog pre google + days. Yay for being caught up!

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