Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sample pops!

 I made cake pops a while back, they were a LOT of work, and it was MESSY! But I had tried to do so much all at once, and I panicked. The outcome however was fantastic! At work, people from different departments all got a  taste, and word started to spread. One lady has asked me to provide samples so she can share with her friends.

I ended up making a dozen dark chocolate pops for her with rainbow sprinkles. (personally I think that the dark chocolate proved to be to rich for these little guys)Also the rainbow colours don't show through well on the dark chocolate. While her and her friends enjoyed them, I think they too thought they were a little rich, so they put in a request for white chocolate pops next time. (one post at a time!) :)

 I love cake pops! They're fun to make and make suuuuper cute treats! :)

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