Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sample pops 2!!

Naked Pops!! cold

 These are the second round of samples! White chocolate!! I got a little more creative with these ones! Pink swirls!! :) So pretty. I'm very happy with how they turned out, and am ready to get more creative with them :)

I was off the day they were delivered so I had my lovely assistant deliver them for me :) When they arrived at their destination they did not last long!
This pretty set of pops didn't even make it to the original customers!!! Everybody in the department loved them, and took a card!
I am very excited at the outcome and can't wait to see what it brings!!! :)

Ahah! As a result I am making a few more samples to send to the ladies who requested them :) (see samples 3!)

All packaged and tied with a bow ready to go. ;)

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