Monday, 27 January 2014

Santa pops...

 Since I'm still going on about Christmas, I figure we might as well go ALL the way Christmas! These Santa pops were my favorite pops of this year..well last year.. I wanted to include Santa without having to make a Santa head..for 2 reasons...1) it's a little creepy..Santas head on a stick..(sorry) haha and 2) This girl is not a fan of sculpting people. We are a tricky shape.

I thought these were a little whimsical :)

A bit of a funny story. These pops were made during our lovely winter black out. There was a ridiculous ice storm, where we were all stuck indoors without power...Some of you, I'm sure know what I'm talking about. Fortunately our landlords have a generator and we were able to stay warm :)
I decorated cookies by window light (Which is actually rather difficult for me because we're in a basement apartment and only have one small window) Once all the day light was gone our landlord was super gracious and turned on the lights for us with the generator and he had kept the fridge running the whole time! Clever as I am... hehe... I unplugged the fridge for a stretch and plugged in the crock pot so I could melt some chocolate!! These cake pops were my last order that needed to be done before Christmas and there was no WAY I was going to cancel because of a little power outage! haha It worked really quite well actually :)

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Stay warm and safe out there <3

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