Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Sweater time

 I hope you all have your ugly sweaters on! :D I don't have one sadly. If I could actually own one of these ugly sweaters it would absolutely be the red Rudolph one! Maybe I'll look into making one!! haha

 It has been non stop cookie making at my house for the month of December. Everyday more and more cookies...These sweater cookies were a welcomed break from the traditional Christmas cookie shapes I'd been making for weeks. I have one order left to be delivered and all my Christmas orders will be finished. While it's been a ton of fun, I am happy to have a bit of a break - I have decorated well over 1000 cookies this season :D I'm very proud, and very pleased with the excited reactions the cookies have evoked from all my wonderful customers! Thank you everyone! And Merry Christmas!

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