Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy Monday...oh wait

 I had Monday off this week so this feels like Monday to me! Why are they so hard?! haha Anyway I do like to try to kick off my work week with a quick morning post before headin to the grind..so here is a cake I made a while back for the sweetest little boy!! He was so excited when he saw it!!! :)

This is the second sort of vehicle cake that I've done, and I like to think that I've learned a lot since the last one. Which was the dump truck cake from last Christmas. (Which...I was not 100% happy with) I love this truck!!! I made sure the cake was raised off the board so the wheels could fit in there, and I have a new found attention to detail.
 Since I am a self taught cake decorator it's been somewhat of a slow process. There are certain structural elements that I didn't understand when I started. After a few near disaster cakes I've realized that cake cannot and will not support itself..haha

I have so many new things that I'm working on these days!! I cannot wait to share them with you!!

If today is your Monday, or your Tuesday..have a great day!!

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