Saturday, 24 August 2013

Guitar Cake / Happy Saturday

  Soooo....looks like the blog kinda got away from me for a couple weeks. I have been BUSY!  Orders are coming in PLUS I'm getting ready for my first show! Mollys Mixing Bowl will be a vendor at Sass Events & Bridal Show on September 8th!!!!! :D I'm excited and have not stopped working for about 2 weeks now. Getting everything in order for the big day ;)
 Anyway, this cake was from early July. I made it for my father-in-law for his birthday. This is his guitar.well... my sweetened up version of his guitar anyway! He plays a black fender strat in a number of bands around town. I am proud to say that he was crazy happy about this cake!!! He kept saying 'It looks just like my guitar!! ' :) JUST what I wanted to hear!
 To make this cake I sort of tried to copy a cake I found on google and I tried to make it my own cake by adding some different / extra details. Like the cake I modeled mine after I did use ribbon for the strings. But everything else was edible.

It was a great day!!

 Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you had a great day! I made 10 dozen mini cake pops today for the bridal show and now I'm just trying to catch up on my social media sites before bed. Next up: Tumblr...then maybe pinterest...maybe not though...gettin pretty sleepy.

Anyway, night all!

Happy Decorating! <3

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