Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Red pops

 I've mentioned before that I LOVE when people give me little to no direction when they place orders. I enjoy the creative freedom! But sometimes...I struggle to come up with designs especially with nothing to go on. With these pops the 'clue' I was given was 'She likes red'

.... ok...

Red pops!!

I thought and thought and thought and came up empty. And kept coming up empty. Then I kind of scrolled through a few weak ideas but nothing I really liked. So I took myself for a stroll down the isles of the Bulk Barn! I needed some inspiration!!! I always find great ideas there!! Ingredients / moulds / colours ... But again I seemed to struggle. I found a mould with a few nice designs and ... I went with it. These are the pops that came from all that.

They're kinda cutesy.. they're definitely red!! :) My favorite are the birds! :) 

Overall - not really my best work...but still pretty to look at :)

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